CV Writing for Freshers

What to do when you are a fresher? A fresher is a fresh graduate by definition. What to do if you are a fresher who has to compete for regular jobs with other more experienced people?

Do not be intimidated by the competition. Apply highlighting your academic record (if it is good), and your personality traits (for example extremely friendly, deadline oriented, a good organizer, a born leader, etc) that best match with those required for the job

Mention specific courses or training programs which you might have attended and which might give you a good edge over those who have only the required qualifications and work experience. Relate the achievements in such a way that it should show you as a theoretical expert in certain angles.

You might also mention in your CV that you are a self-taught person in terms of the latest technological trends and techniques. For example, that you can learn basic programming, software engineering and design and web designing (among million other such skills) by yourself with the help of the Internet and good book supplements. Be prepared to be asked in detail questions at the interview though - so be careful that you write only what you really know well.

Highlight the fact that you are young, raring to go and are ready to work hard to prove yourself; many employers love the enthusiasm of the young and the go-go approach which is very good for the company.

Highlight the fact that you are a fast learner and that you are looking forward to starting your career in an established and famous company such as X (the company you are applying for), and view it as an excellent learning experience

Offer to get additional training (naming the exact courses with their duration) if the job entails it, without any interference to the job deliverables.

Overall be sure that you project a postive attitude and a willingness to jump and get things done.