Education Counselor

   Example Europass Curriculum Vitae
Personal information   
First name(s) / Surname(s)  Aan Vullende
Address(es)  21 Jaar Hetgebied
Telephone(s)  Home: +55 (0)20 555 1717Mobile: +55 (0)20 555 171
Nationality  Dutch
Work experience   
Dates  September 2004 - present
Occupation or position held  Student Advisor / Counselor
Main activities and responsibilities  Responsible for ensuring the EDMC philosophy and quality services are provided to all students. Monitor developmental growth, involvement and recognition of students. Practicing of sound economic principles. Providing an environment which is conducive to innovation, positive thinking and expansion of the student's educational horizons. Responsible for carrying out the duties and responsibilities of this position. Work with all incoming students, helping them understand various subject areas, and communicating with them to help determine their best educational options.
Name and address of employer  International School of Amsterdam
Type of business or sector  Education
Dates  October 2002 - September 2004
Occupation or position held  ESL Instructor
Main activities and responsibilities  Instructed non-English speaking students in the English language using TEFL / TESOL teaching methods. Performed both one-on-one and group teaching methods. Provided students with effective language and cultural awareness training so as to enable them to function with confidence in a foreign setting.
Name and address of employer  Marcus Evans Linguarama Bleijenburg 1 2511 VC Den Haag
Type of business or sector  Education
Education and training   
Dates  September 2000 - June 2002
Title of qualification awarded  Master's Degree in Education with an emphasis on English as a Second Language
Principal subjects / occupational skills covered  Principle studies included: English grammar and syntax, literature, algebra, economics. Secondary studies included environmental studies, arts, and humanities.
Name and type of organisation providing education and training  University of Amsterdam Liberal Arts College
Dates  September 1996 - June 2000
Title of qualification awarded  Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Education
Principal subjects / occupational skills covered  Principle studies included: English language skills, ESL instruction, arts and humanities, philosophy, sociology. Secondary studies included accounting, business communications, and economics, beginning and intermediate photography.
Name and type of organisation providing education and training  University of Amsterdam Den Haague Campus
Personal skills and competences   
Mother tongue(s)  Dutch
Other language(s)   
Self-assessment  UnderstandingSpeakingWriting 
European level  ListeningReadingSpoken interactionSpoken production  
English  C2Proficient UserC2Proficient UserC2Proficient UserC2Proficient UserC2Proficient User 
Romanian  A1Basic UserA1Basic UserA1Basic UserA1Basic UserA1Basic User 
Social skills and competences  Excellent communication skills both written and speaking. Ability to conduct instruction one-on-one or in large groups. Coordinate and plan community events, encourage family interaction, and community involvement, Excellent scheduling abilities for parent, student, teacher interaction and meetings.
Organisational skills and competences  Work closely with the Academic Advising Committees and Departments to enable the transition of the student from 'New' to 'Continuing' status. This includes all internal communication about the student's status and working with the Academic Advisor to resolve outstanding student issues. Responsible for determining if the student is required to take any Math/English Placement Tests, and assist them in scheduling these exams as hended. Responsible for monitoring completion procedures and advising of correct placement for the student into Math and English courses.
Computer skills and competences  Fully computer literate Microsoft Office Suite including Access, Notepad, Power Point, Word, and WordPad.
Other skills and competences  Perform any reviewing of admission and transferring of credits. Perform reviewing additional testing requirements, and overseeing the request and submission process of transcripts. Responsible for managing the overall process for obtaining the student's high school transcript/proof of graduation, and for any other documentation required for final acceptance into the student's program of study. Monitor acceptance decisions and assist in the securing of additional documentation.
Driving licence(s)  Groups B and BE
Additional information  References available upon request.