Electronic Resume Tips for Nurses

Electronic resumes can take a bit of getting used to, and they need to be updated pretty regularly, too. If you’re a nurse, they can be like a library, if you’re not careful. Quality control and content are the major issues.

Setting Up an Electronic Resume

The best approach to electronic resumes is a systemic approach. The electronic resume is usually very close to a standard resume, although in some cases there’ll be extra areas for entries.

You can adapt your existing computer file resume, but be careful. Typical problems in creating electronic resumes from existing resumes include:

  • Cutting and pasting can be a problem. Things can get disorganized in a hurry. Worse, you can scramble the entries, and put things in the wrong place, which looks terrible.
  • Old resumes can look like archaeology. Edit the resume thoroughly before even thinking of going anywhere near the electronic resume.
  • Information may not be relevant, or contain things like job experience in types of work you’re no longer trying to get.

Actually the electronic resume process can be a good way of spring cleaning the resume and getting it up to a high standard. It can also be a great chance to target specific areas of skills and types of job.

Working With Electronic Resumes

There’s a lot to understand about electronic resumes and how they operate in the job hunting process. Hospital Jobs Online.com is a medical job site which has some useful tips in this area, and tells how electronic resumes are selected and scanned by screening computers.

These are particularly important concepts for your own electronic resume. Technology may be a mixed blessing in the nursing profession, but in this case it can help you a lot. The key issues in working with electronic resumes are content based.

These are the particular areas of focus:

  • Keywords
  • Skills
  • Experience

If you know the basic principles of keyword search optimization, you’ll know that a certain density of keywords is the preferred method. The same general idea applies to electronic resumes. A high level of hits on keywords is an obvious candidate.

Targeting Jobs With Electronic Resumes

In the nursing profession, there are specific skill sets, licenses and qualifications which define a range of job options. However, many nurses have quite a broad range of skills, and when you’re looking for work, it’s a good idea to target your resumes directly to those jobs using the keyword principle.

That effectively means writing several versions of your resume when going for  different jobs with different skills emphases. If you’re posting your resume on specific sites, you may want to adapt the resume to each site.

Posting Resumes Online

Posting and electronic resume on a professional nursing site is the definitely best option. The only people that look at these resumes are employers who are really looking for staff. You get the benefits of confidentiality and a third party handling system for queries on top standard sites.