Emergency Room Nurse Job Resume Advice

When applying for an emergency room nurse job, an excellent resume is critical. You want the resume to be the "lure" that attracts the recruiter into calling you in for an interview. This article will provide some tips on putting together an oustanding resume for an emergency room nurse.

Heading and objective

Your resume should be no more than one page in length. It provides highlights of your experience and background, not microscopic details. The resume must begin with all of your contact information centered at the top of the page. This should include your cell phone number and email address, in addition to physical address and home phone.

The objective follows the heading. This is a critical part of the resume. You want to distill both your qualifications for the job and your desire for the position into one brief paragraph. Make certain you mention your experience as an emergency room nurse in the objective. A sample might read something like this: "Seeking a rewarding emergency room position where I can use my seven years of ER experience to help others."


Here you would list your employment history. But it is not enough to just merely list the jobs in chronological order. You want to highlight your accomplishments and responsibilities at each position. It's not just time on the job you want to point out, but how you made the best of that time! Here's how a job sample might read, using bullet points for highlights:

      2004-2009 Emergency Room Nurse at Central City Hospital

  • Handled a high percentage of incoming acute trauma cases
  • Helped to assess and implement patient recovery plans
  • Trained and monitored interns in the Intensive Care Unit

Make sure to emphasize the positive aspects of whatever you did, even if it was at a job that ended badly. You learn something everywhere you work!


Much like the "experience" section of the resume, you want to do more than just list the schools you've attended. You want to focus on academic achievements, especially those relating to the emergency room nursing position. Only higher education needs to be mentioned here. Here's an example of how an education entry on your resume might read:

      1990-1994 Attended Midwestern University, Chicago, Illinois

  • Graduated with a B.S. degree in Nursing
  • Placed in the top 15% of class in nursing-related courses
  • Also made Dean's List in all four years

Certification and more

You would certainly want to mention any special certifications you received as part of your education or training. Also, there may be other skills not directly relating to the emergency room position that may still be beneficial. Put every positive bit of your background to work for you! If you are fluent in more than one language, mention it. Any computer or technical skill is worth pointing out. Any volunteer work you've done in the community would put you in a good light. Here is how some of these "extras" can be highlighted:

  • Certified in Basic Life Support
  • Certified in Cardiac Life Support
  • Bilingual in Spanish
  • Volunteered to the local hospice

A lot of great tips on health care resumes can be found here: www.hospitaljobsonline.com/CareerCenter_Resume.aspx