Executive Resumes Tips

When employers are looking for a senior executive, they are looking for a person with creative qualities. What, then, are the action verbs and keywords that need to be used in an executive resume? These words are there to show you what you need to show potential employers. Some are obvious cliches and any direct use should be avoided.

  • Integrity, consistency, upstanding character, forward thinking, company oriented.
  • Leadership and Charisma - the ability to have other follow directions and reach objectives. Charisma is the ability to make other like you.
  • Emotional discipline: Complete control over your emotions.
  • Reacts according to environment changes in order to keep the company profitable.
  • Visionary - a person that can see the business future of a company and capitalise on it. Having ideas is not enough - employees will need good ideas that will help increase market shares and anticipate market demands whilst thinking in terms of strategic company objectives.

Think about the fundaments of an executive position. Does your resume answer all the qualities of leadership, cost cutting, and increasing income? Keep asking these questions after every revision you make. When you think you have arrived to the ideal executive resume, give it a rest and re-read it after a couple of days. Would you be convinced to hire you?

Tips on writing Executive Resumes