Graduate Resume

Young graduates who are on the job market for the first time need to start by learning to write their first resume. To do this they need to learn the basic rules of resumes for graduates.

Writing your resume should be a step by step process.
  • Make a list of all work related experiences including
    • Volunteering
    • Running the volley club or similar.
    • Organising the university magazine.
    • Any roles in clubs or associations.
    • Any such experience can be listed on your resume. These qualities will show your motivation and initiative as well as organisational and team work skills.
  • If you are applying for a specific job
    • Read the job advertisement carefully.
    • Make sure you address each requirement in the graduate resume.
    • Follow the instructions.
    • Include your soft skills
  • Act Professionally
    • Be sure your graduate resume does not have any spelling and grammatical errors.
    • Do not act 'cute'.
    • Avoid easily corrected mistakes.
    • Have another person review your resume and give an honest opinion.
  • Your resume should be a summary of your experience, education and qualifications.
    • Do not lie on your resume.
    • Your resume should be one page.
    • Include only topics related to the job you are applying for.
    • Employers will be interested in your credentials and experience.
  • Finding a job is hard work
    • Applying for jobs
    • Attending interviews
    • Writing a specific resume and cover letter for each job
    • All the above tasks take time
    • Stress is another factor you have to deal with
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