How to hide the fact that you were fired in a curriculum vitae- Cv.

To answer this question bluntly, 'NO'. You really do not need or owe it to anyone to own up information that you were fired from your last job. That is do not volunteer it. There are no rules that require you to write the reasons for leaving your last employment; it is usually understood that people leave for better prospects.

However, some companies do have a column asking 'reasons for leaving previous job'. When you are faced with the direct question, tell the truth.

  • Scenario no 1: You were fired because the company was downsizing. Write the truth - downsizing means people will lose their jobs and it is not necessarily because they were not worth it, but because they were more expendable than others. Be matter of fact when you say this, and keep the bitterness and sarcasm out of your language. End with maturity and show confidence that your skills and experience will add value to the future job
  • Scenario 2: You were fired because of inter-personal conflict, you could explain the facts briefly - again, without any bitterness - that your boss and yourself did not agree on certain matters which made it difficult for you to continue. Be objective, and matter-of-fact explaining that the experience taught you better interpersonal relations and that in the future you would handle such a situation differently.
  • Scenario 3 - You were fired on grounds of negligence/ poor performance/ insubordination, etc. This is a very touchy situation, because most of the employers would ask for feedback from the last employer. Hence, you need to tell the truth and use the opportunity to tell 'your side of the story'. In order to make it as positive as possible, indicate the circumstances (such as difficult task or deadlines while multitasking; or communication gaps; or wrong reporting of facts by supervisor, etc) and be as matter of fact and brief as you can. Avoid the sordid details - just touch the important points and in the end highlight that you have learned a lot from the lesson which has already cost you dearly, and that it made you a better person and employee as a consequence. Be candid and objective. Never badmouth anyone nor blame anyone. Show a positive outlook and the capacity to move on in the face of adversity.

Being fired is painful and it is even more painful to have to write or speak about it. However, no matter how much you are tempted, you should abstain from telling lies. The employer will, 9 out 10, ask the last employer for some type of reference. You should not be found lying, as it destroys the foundation of the working relationship. Rather be brave and face the situation squarely. As long as you stay focused on the future and show that you have learned from the past experience, an employer would rather take your past experience as strength rather than weakness. When asked about the same in an interview, be careful about your body language - as many times the body language gives you away much faster than the words you speak.