How to Write a CV - Part 2

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Honors, Awards or Accomplishments

Academic and related awards are listed here. Relevant Courses which are directly related to the job vacancy you are applying for should be listed in this section. If your degree is not related to this job, highlight aspects of the course that are. List any projects you have worked on that are related to this job.

Professional or Work Experience description on your CV

This section includes any work experience that you have in the field you are applying for. Even if the post was unpaid, voluntary, summer job, internship, co-op experience or extracurricular activity. When listing these work experiences include what kind of job was it (internship/full time/ part time etc).

Each job detail should include this basic information:

  • Title of position
  • Length you held the post
  • Responsibilities
  • Name of organization.

Include also languages (spoken/written/understood). Computer Skills (include title of software package and proficiency level), Research Skills and other skills that are not in the rest of your CV.

The Activities and Interests Section in your CV

Any activities that you do in your free time, can be related to your job. If you worked in the school paper it shows initiative and you are willing to make sacrifices in order to further your career. Participating in student activities, professional associations or enthusiast clubs shows leader ship qualities. Leave out any activities related to politics religion or controversial topics.alienating the reader.

CV References Available Upon Request

If you have references, that you are willing to provide include the above statement. Ask people if they are willing to serve as references before you give their names to a potential employer.