HTML Resume

This kind of resume is especially useful for contractors resume or self employed resume. People who work on a project by project basis usually upload their resume as part of their website to enable their clients to learn more about them. Another area where a html resume is useful is when some of your work is online and you would like to include links to it in your resume.

Building your html resume is not as difficult as it sounds. HTML is relatively easy to understand and there are lots of very cheap software programmes available to help you. You can use tables, bold, italics in the HTML version of your resume, just like in your printable version. The same rules for resume building apply - keep it short. However, in an online resume you do not have space limitations - you can be creative and create a non-standard resume where each section has links to more details on that section.

Keep your resume as professional as possible. Even if it is tempting to link to your personal website, this will reduce the professional appeal of your HTML resume.

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