International Resume

If you're thinking about an international job, you may need to reformat your resume.

Each country has different etiquette with regards to applying for a particular job. In some countries your resume wouldn't need to be accompanied by a cover letter cover letter or a photo,while in other countries it would. It is important that you have a general idea about this, because if you do not follow the norm it can be very disadvantageous.

Some General Tips when Writing your Resume for the International Market

  • Generally you would need to include more personal details such as citizenship, your date and place of birth and marital status.
  • Use real/actual rather than active verbs.
  • Use good language skills and good prose (avoid repetition).
  • Use a qualified translator.
  • Use at least a two check system where a translators work is proof read as well.
  • Remember that some languages, such as French and Spanish, have different variations within the language. Be sure your resume is written in the intended variant.
Here you can find an interesting review of normal resumes which have been changed to international resumes.

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