Inventory CV

The Inventory CV is used when sending your CV to:

  • Various recruiters
  • When you do not have a specific job objective

This kind of CV is a more general overview of your skills, achievements and qualifications. A general objective or career strategy behind an inventory CV helps in being slightly more specific towards your career goals.

General career goals can be:

  • "a secretary working with a local company"
  • "a computer programmer"
  • "a sales person"

Having a general career objective in mind can help you focus on those particular skills, abilities and experience required for the job. Your CV should show that you are competent by demonstrating your relevant previous experience and qualifications. If you are unemployed or desperate to switch jobs, the inventory CV is a good time saver. You can write a custom cover letter for each job you apply for and you can send the same CV to all recruiters. If you are interested in several careers write several inventory CVs each for a particular career goal.