Loss Prevention Manager Sample Resume

Howard Sharpe
1234 Post Oak Drive
Lee's Summit, Missouri 64000
Home: 404-555-5555
Cell: 404-555-5556
Email: Howard_Sharpe@frontfocus.com

Seeking a challenging and interesting position where I will have an opportunity to make a positive contribution to my company and the people who work for it.  

Qualifications Summary
  • Dedicated, proactive Loss Prevention professional with extensive experience in recruiting, training, and motivating teams.
  • Outstanding communication, motivational, interpersonal, and presentation skills.
  • Excellent leader with a firm but fair attitude and a reputation for honesty, integrity, and loyalty.
  • Very calm, decisive and level-headed in dangerous situations or emergencies.
  • Extensive knowledge in advanced security operations, equipment, tactics, communications, lawful search/seizure, rules of engagement and reasonable use of deadly force.
  • Extremely skilled at identifying/analyzing weaknesses, vulnerabilities and high-risk scenarios.
  • Able to proactively anticipate and prevent security breaches, violations, theft, vandalism, conflicts and disputes that might lead to dangerous situations.
  • Knowledgeable with 9mm, M-16/M-14, OC spray, body armor, riot gear, batons, and restraint tactics  
Master of Arts in Business and Organizational Security Management (May 2007)

Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management (May 2004)

Department of Defense Personal Adjudicator's Course, 2001

Department of Defense Security Manager's Course, 2000  

Work Experience
Loss Prevention Manager: March 2004 - July 2009, SBV Services Pty (Ltd), Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
  • Selected, trained, developed, supervised and evaluated loss prevention personnel within assigned location(s) emphasizing company standards of professionalism and safety.
  • Communicated and insured compliance with state/local laws.
  • Effectively cross-trained associates in all areas of security.
  • Communicated productivity standards and maintained productivity records for detectives.
  • Monitored the department's contribution to total store shortage reduction and prevention programs.
  • Investigated evidence of unlawful activity or activity contrary to policy or procedure relating to the security of company assets.
  • Prepared budgets for areas of responsibility, reporting all variances to regional security director.
  • Maintained awareness of conditions presenting risk to the safety and security of our customers and associates.
Entry Controller/ Patrolman/Protect Officer: June 2001 - March 2004, Security Forces, Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
  • Duties included: Communicating loss prevention programs such as "Be Aware" during associate orientation and through on-going presentations to ensure associate awareness and participation, developing and implementing programs to deter and/or detect internal dishonesty within the location and immediately communicating evidence of such to the appropriated security executive.
  • Investigated disturbances such as alarm calls, unlawful intrusion, fires, and property damage, coordinated activities with police and fire departments during alarms, supervised the apprehension of unauthorized persons found on property and released them to custody of authorities, and prepared, reviewed and maintained reports, records, evidence and files in a complete and orderly manner.

*References available upon request.