Machine Readable CV

When employers issue a job vacancy they get hundreds of CVs in return. Processing each one of them manually is a very expensive task. Most employers scan the CVs to insert them into a database. This database is then scanned for the most suitable candidates. This is called the "short listing phase". If your CV is machine readable there is a better chance that your CV is inserted and reviewed correctly.

Some CV tips to make your CV more scannable:

  • Use A4 paper.
  • Use white paper.
  • Print on only one side of the paper.
  • Avoid dot matrix printouts.
  • Avoid low quality photocopies.
  • Use laser printed originals where possible.
  • Avoid staples and folding.
  • Use common fonts such as Times, Helvicta etc.
  • Font size should be between 10 and 14 points.
  • Line spacing should be set at 1.5.
  • Use capital letters for section headers.
  • Avoid fancy styles such as any word art or italics.
  • Graphics and other non standard text should be avoided.
  • Write your CV in one column format (not in newspaper style).
  • List phone numbers on different lines.