Making Your CV More Interesting

You must be aware that a CV is the key that unlocks the gate of the company for you. You want the job, you are ready for it - but have your really got the right key? How do you make your CV an interesting document?

Always write a new CV for each job, specifically designing them to answer and highlight the relevant information about yourself with regards to the job requirements; never give a standard formal CV to one and all - in case you do, do not expect great results from such a delivery

Always draw the employers interest towards your best plus points which would show you as one of the most eligible for the job applied for

Collect enough information about the company and the job in question to know exactly what points the employers are looking for so you can match your best talents to those particular points of the requirement

Be aware of market trends regarding the latest technology, latest training, latest jargons that are relevant to the job. Use those in sufficient quantity to show you are abreast with the times

The formatting of the CV should be pleasant to the eyes: in alignment, typesetting (the font should preferably be Arial or Times New Roman with a size between 11 - 12 pt), margins, paper quality - each and every aspect should be chosen with the company and job you are applying for in mind. For example, for a computer professional a highly professional, latest technology and software CV would be very appropriate. For an advertising or copy writing job a colorful and innovative style would prove your credentials even before the employer read your CV.

Use the key aspects that employers are looking for correctly and throughout the CV - this will not only attract their attention, but also highlight your overall awareness

Keep the CV crisp and easy to read, using proper highlighting tactics for different areas you need to attract the employers attention to - often the employer has only a few brief seconds' time to glance through the CV and make his/her decision whether he/she is interested to know more or not

Keep it interesting with short sentences if you need to elaborate and with bullet points when you need to list - so a person can scan the contents without effort and also enjoy what they read

You need to build the expectations of the employer slowly but steadily so he/she will want to interview you; use the right formatting applicable to that company, region or country. Incorrect formatting often leads to rejection since the person cannot re-organize his/her way of thinking for a tailored CV

Highlight clearly what value you can add to the job and the company so they can appreciate the value addition you would bring in.

The above list is by no means exhaustive. Your CV should, generally speaking, invite the employer to know you better, create a good first impression, and open the possibility in their mind that you might be the right candidate for the job.