MBA Resume

Your MBA resume is the first impression to a prospective employer. Your resume highlights your skills, competencies and experiences. MBA resumes are different from standard resumes, obviously, as the target audience and what they are looking for is different. Most recruiters know that an MBA is a significant achievement but are not aware of all the details behind it.

The basics of an MBA resume should include:

  • The business school where you studied
  • Specialization (e.g. Finance, eCommerce)
  • MBA courses specifically relevant to your targeted job. If you are applying for a Business Development position, mention specific courses taken which are relevant.

If you come from a technical background, or are applying for a technical MBA position, it is important to not be too technical in your resume. Identify skills in your past job that are transferable to your new role. Do not stuff your resume with jargon - your resume should be understood by the layman as well as by the professional.

If on top of your resume you have several years of business experience, consider writing an executive resume. Your personal objective should be business oriented rather than technical.