Military to Civilian CV

How to write a CV for the Civilian world.
How to write a resume for the Civilian world.

Part II

This list of skills will help you answer the question :

What can I do for my employer?

Your military achievements and awards are all a sign of determination and self sacrifice. These should be included but should not be focal point in your civilian CV. While a medal of honor or purple heart is worth mentioning, your tank driving skills should not be mentioned (unless you would like to be a driver). You should concentrate on the skills list you have created. Make sure that the most relevant information is at the top of your CV. The important thing you understand is that your CV shows you are cable of doing the skills associated with a particular job.

Military Jargon

Not all people in the world are familiar with military jargon. Your CV should be legible by those who were never in uniform. Make sure that all the titles you had in your military career are comprehensible to civilians, if you need to change them to make them clearer then do so. Ask a civilian friend's opinion on your CV to check it.

Achievements and Accomplishments

Your achievements are all worth mentioning. How to describe achievements in your CV is a good article on how to describe achievements in your CV. Describe your accomplishments in a civilian manner, so an employer can identify the achievements you are mentioning do apply to the job.

Note the words CV and resume are interchangeable
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