Military to Civilian CV

How to write a CV for the Civilian world.
How to write a Resume for the Civilian world.

Part III

Various career coaches will tell you to use a functional job CV or resume, others a chronological job CV or resume. Your military career is an asset---- it depends on the job you are applying for and how much emphasis you put on it. All jobs related to the military, police, security, fireman, paramedic and the like should use a chronological job resume. For others, where you still need to have job experience, a combo resume or CV should be used. Make sure that your CV communicates all the qualities that you are bringing on board: cross-functional skills, a positive work ethic, leadership, teamwork and dedication.

Active combat

Civilians want to live the cozy life, without knowing what the details of what the honorable countrymen do, in order for that cozy life to exist. Most people are not ready for the details of the real battle field (unless you are applying for a job that will include active combat). Leave active combat details out of your CV.

Your CV is an ongoing process

Monitor the response rate from your new civilian CV. If your CV is getting a low response rate, it's back is back to the drawing board. Review it with your family, friends, or your career coach, to see where you can implement improvements.

Note the words CV and resume are interchangeable