Military to Civilian CV

How to write a CV for the Civilian world.
How to write a Resume for the Civilian world.

Part I

Your military career is coming to an end and you have started looking for a job in the civilian world. In your military career you have achieved more accomplishments than you might think of. A lot of skills are directly transferable into the civilian world. Following are some tips on how to change your military CV to a civilian CV

What do you want to do as a civilian?

What to write in your personal profile?

Your personal profile in your CV defines what career path you would like to follow. A CV cannot be a general one; you have to focus on a particular objective in order for your CV to be effective. Before you put pen to paper and start writing a resume, do some research on what job you would like to do. Your local job center or transition office can help with this. If you would like to keep your options open, write several civilian CV's that focus on the different options you are considering.

The next step would be to define the requirements of the job you see yourself doing. What are the skills needed to perform the tasks in this job. There are a lot of ways of doing research, your local paper is a mine of information. The job vacancies will have a list of requirements, scan the job positions you are interested in over a period of time. Make a list of all the skills associated with the career you have chosen. This will be a good reference when writing your CV or resume.

Note the words CV and resume or Resume are interchangeable in this article.

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