Monster is a worldwide job seeker portal with websites geared for places such as the US,UK, much ofEurope,Asia andIndia. At the moment, Monster India seems to be the only portal which allows upload of a Video CV.

How Easy is to Use?

This site is rather easy to use, and is set up as every other Monster site is with full directions and tips along the way to aid your application and job search. The video CV section follows in this pattern with easy guides and instructions for quick upload of your resume and Video CV.

Is a Good Place to Find a Job?

In researching the site, it seems that most of the higher end professions are making use of this version of Monster. If you are in one of the following fields you have a good chance of finding prospects here.

  • IT or Software
  • Advertising or Communications
  • Law
  • Construction
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering

For job seekers in India this would be a good choice to get your name and resume out in front of potential employers.

What is the Flexibility of

The entire site is fairly flexible with files you can post. Up to five resumes can be placed in your profile, although only one can be visible at any time. Video CV files have a limit of 50MB and a max length of 2 minutes. Video formats include .wmv, .mov, .avi and mp4.

What About Fees and Limitations?

As with any portal, there are no fees to upload files to this site. Limitations are few and are mostly found with the ability to view various resumes and there is only one video allowed per profile. Video limitations are listed above.

What About Privacy and My Profile?

Monster takes privacy and security issues quite seriously. With the first line of the bottom menu list at the end of the page deals with privacy, terms of use, security, complaints and bug issues. Their Privacy page seems to cover just about everything you would want addressed. There is also a page on how to protect yourself when job hunting which includes tips on what to look for from scams and unsolicited email. Profiles can be made public or private at the user's discretion.

The Disadvantages of

The one huge disadvantage found was that this site is limited in geographic focus. Another minor disadvantage is that most of the jobs available on this site are in the major metropolitan areas of India which would require relocation for many job seekers.

Final Words

On a final note, it should be said that Monster as a whole, does try to work with both the employers and job seekers to create the best match at a quick pace; and MonsterIndia is no exception. Within a day of signing onto the site, employers were looking over the profile that was set up for this research and asking for more information.

The information in this review is current as of June 2008.