Neonatal Nurse Jobs: Resume Advice

Creating a resume for neonatal nurse jobs is the most important step in your job search. Your resume will give all potential employers a quick glimpse at who you are and what you have accomplished. If you carefully list your qualifications on your resume, all potential employers will be able to determine whether or not your qualifications meet the standard requirements for their neonatal nurse jobs. Your resume will not get the job for you, but it is crucial for initiating interviews. Below, you will find tips and guidelines for preparing a high-quality resume.

Organization Is Essential

Before writing your resume, you should gather all necessary information. Make a list of all previous jobs, tasks that you were responsible for during your time in those jobs, any leadership positions you have held, dates and titles of certificates and degrees acquired, and any scholarships or honors you have been awarded. It is possible that you will have too much experience and may need to decide which items are irrelevant to neonatal nurse jobs.

Choose a Format That Works for You

Some people get stressed about the format of a resume. In order to alleviate this stress, start with the areas that are standard. Your name and contact information must be at the top of the page. Next include a brief objective sentence stating that your intentions are to find a neonatal nurse job that allows you to use your experience and education. Make sure to list your specific experience and education as well as your relevant work experience.

Typically you should list work experience with the most recent position at the top of the list. If your most recent position is not related to nursing, but other former positions are, you should include the more relevant positions at the top of the list. This format will allow the employer to quickly see that you have nursing experience. Under each job title, include a few bullets that list the tasks you were responsible for during that position. Use verbs that enable the reader understand exactly what you accomplished in each of these positions.

The next section will include your educational background. You must list the dates of when you studied at each institution, as well as the certificate or degree that you acquired upon finishing your education. Finally include any licenses, scholarships or awards you have earned.

Leave Out Irrelevant Information

Certain information may be irrelevant to neonatal nurse jobs, while other information may seem irrelevant but may actually be valuable. Neonatal nurses must be able to focus in intense situations, pay attention to details, care for critical-need newborns and communicate clearly. Even if a position was not in health care, but it highlights your ability to accomplish these tasks, include it. Use your judgment, as well as the job description, as your guidance for creating a solid resume.