Not Enough Job Experience in Your CV

This drawback usually plagues the young graduates who being freshers have little or no experience to show on their CV. It is common in these cases to have to struggle to get through for an interview due to lack of experience showing on the resume. There are many things that can be improvised in this scenario:

Focus on Your Skill Set
Bring the attention of the prospective employer away from the lack of experience by highlighting your match to the job in terms of skills and personality traits. Be sure you use those skills and traits that are the best fit for the job you are applying for.

A Skills CV (see also functional resume) will be the best bet for you - more so when you can highlight you willingness to work hard and work long hours to gain valuable experience. Your willingness to work hard should come strong enough to attract the attention of the prospective employer, so it should not be written as an after-thought,but rather as an emphasis after your description of skills.

Emphasize Academics and Other Activities
If you have an outstanding academic background, highlight this explaining that you are a fast learner who can, in no time, be a valuable member of the organization. Attract attention to the subjects and/or areas where the topics are of the job's requirements.

Do you have any extra-curricular activities that would boost your skills (with respect to the job you applied for)? For example, if you are applying for a PR or marketing position, standing in first place in elocution and debate competition (proving the gift of the gab) would stand you in good stead.

You can also use the experience gained in your summer projects or any other hands-on projects that you have done during your college days to show that you are aware of your match to the job and that the past experience, even not in a paid job, made you confident that you can be successful if given a chance to prove yourself.

Highlight Your Desire
Highlight the fact that you would be honored to start your career in an elite company such as X (name of the organization) and assure the employer that you would be happy to work harder than anyone else to prove your abilities and become a valuable employee of the organization.
Be candid in your application and down-to-earth. People usually like young people because they have a nothing-is-impossible attitude. Try to project that attitude without sounding over confident or cocky. You can do that by repeating at different intervals that you are willing to learn and work hard so you can fit even better not only in the job, but also with the goals of the company overall (do your homework and be specific here; vagueness will seem like boasting).You can indicate that you would be willing to travel, relocate and/or work late (even on weekends) so as to learn the ropes as fast as possible.

It is rare that companies resist the enthusiasm of young people applying - and unless the job really needs a lot of experience, you will definitely reach the interview stage if you keep your CV crisp, focused and highlight yourself as a go-getter.