Personal Info: Resume

Personal Information in a resume should be limited to the essential contact details. An employer cannot ask details such as age, gender, religion and race so use valuable space on a resume to provide more important information directly related to the job you are applying for. An international resume usually requires more details than a US resume.

How can you use personal information as an asset in your resume ?

Interest Groups

  • Ex: If you are applying for a financial position as an accountant. Mention you were part of the local investment club or the treasurer of your travel club.

  • Photos are not required unless your visual appearance is important for the job, such as a photo model.

Activities & Hobbies
  • Ex: If you enjoy camping and outdoor activities mention it when applying for a nature or sports related job.
  • Ex: If you are applying for a job which requires international travel and you are well traveled, add it to your resume
  • Ex: If you are applying for a job with the CIA clandestine service and you are single, it would probably be an asset. Mention it in your resume.

Such personal data can help, but should only be used to fill space. Usually such tactics will be useful for the graduate resume. Your education and job experience in your resume take precedence over personal data.