Physical Therapist Resume Advice


A great physical therapist resume can help you land a job in one of the fastest growing health professions in the country. In this article, we'll take a look at some methods that will help your resume stand out from the rest of the pack.

The top of the resume will have your name and all pertinent contact information centered in the middle of the page. Make certain that you include ALL contact info: home phone, cell phone, physical address and email address. Give the hiring entity as many ways to contact you as you can provide.


This is the brief one sentence "hook" that not only states your career goal but also touches on your qualification for the physical therapist position. This should focus like a laser on your goal and prominently mention your field. A sample objective could be something like this: "A rewarding physical therapy position where I can make use of my 10 years of experience in the physical therapy field."


Here you would list your most recent employment. It is not enough to merely tell where you worked. For your resume to be really effective, you must mention skills and accomplishments at these jobs. Even if the position was not related to physical therapy, find some positive aspect of what you did there that you can relate to a PT position. Be very concise in your description of what you did. A resume should ideally be one page in length. Following is an example of what you might write:

      2001-2003 Physical Therapist for Healthworks in Anytown, Illinois

  • Worked with over 50% of all acute therapy cases
  • Trained and helped with certification of 3 new therapists
  • Assisted in financial management of institution

Even if your previous position ended badly, focus only on the positive aspects such as skills learned. Do not mention the negative.


It is only necessary to mention your higher education background here. High School does not need to be covered unless the hiring institution requires it. In a similar fashion to the "experience" section, you should do more than just list the schools you attended. Any special academic achievements, particularly those related to physical therapy and the medical field, should be mentioned. Here is how a sample educational entry on your resume might read:

      1991-1995 Attended Midwestern State University, Browntown, Ohio

  • Graduated with B.S. in Physical Therapy Science
  • Attained 3.8 GPA on all courses relating to physical therapy
  • Made Honor Roll in 1993 to 1995 school years


This is for any information that doesn't easily fit in the "experience" or "education" categories that might help provide a positive impression. If you have received any sort of certification such as First Aid, this is the place to mention it. If you are fluent in another language, particularly Spanish, by all means include that in your resume. It can be a great plus in today's market. Any sort of volunteer or charitable work you have done can help make a positive impression of you as a person.

If you want to take a look at some good sample resumes, try this website: