Posting your Resume

There are two ways to go about searching for a new job. You can either look for employers who have job vacancies or you can make it easier for employers to find you. To do this you need to post your resume on the web. The best place to start is on job sites that are directly related to your field of employment as that's where employers are most likely to start their search for potential candidates.

  • Job Banks
  • Specific Job Banks
  • Recruiters
  • Employment Agencies

There are several types of recruitment and employment agencies: regional, local and those specific to particular careers. It is important to make a list of where you have posted your resume along with any login names and passwords you have used. However, before posting your resume online, consider the following two issues: Your present employer can discover you are looking for a new job, and people will have access to personal details that can be used in identity theft and similar.

It's best to have your resume available in different formats such as pdf and html. Read our article on preparing your resume in different formats.

  • HTML Resume
  • Text Resume
  • Email Resume

When posting your resumes on the internet, your standard MS Word formatted resume will not suffice. You will also need your resume formatted as a pdf file, a html file and have a text version available. Although this is not vital for your job search, it will certainly help you reach a wider audience, become more organised, give a more professional impression with your resume, get an edge over the other candidates, and prospective employers will immediately notice they are dealing with an organised, professional person.

You need these formats mainly when looking for jobs on the internet. If you are doing your job search the 'old fashioned way', your word formatted resume will probably be enough.

What type of resume do you need ?

  • You will need a resume that can easily be printed and used to send via snail mail. This version can contain any formatting that will make your resume more easily read, such as the use of bold fonts, italics and similar.
  • Resumes are sometimes directly scanned into a database - it's therefore important you have a version that can easily be scanned. This would be the same as the print formatted resume but without the use of bold, italics and similar. These databases are used to match employees with job candidate. Learn more about scannable CV's and resume keywords.
  • A text version. A text version is very hard when you need to post your resume in online forms.
  • A modified text version that is used to send emails

These different formats of your resume are all the same but saved in different formats.

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