Presenting your CV when you have a criminal record.

Normally, all CVs exclude any and all negative data from the CV. This is because the resume is actually a selling ticket, and the negative data would spoil the prospects to be called for an interview. Do you need to put in this information? First of all, you need to find out. Check out the policy of the company - many times the stand of the company on this aspect is very clear - like they will not employ people with a record, and/ or if they have a record it should be clearly mentioned with details.

If there are no such clauses, then you may choose to keep quiet about your past. However, if you think that it is likely that they would discover it sooner or later, it is better to be honest about it right from the start. Then, you will know exactly where you stand and will not need to hide anything. Actually, whatever you need to hide, has a terrible habit of crawling out at the most inopportune moments, completely embarrassing you in the least, or totally devastating you. Hence, as much as possible, do not hide it. Inaccurate personal information will leave you open to firing if you are 'discovered' by the employer. Do not risk being discovered as it brings daily tension which will interfere with your efficiency at the job

Choose jobs where having a record is not a great minus point (however, do not kid yourself that this is not a minus point) - avoid applying for jobs such as accountant, bank operator, etc. Also avoid jobs which will offer you temptations, as you might repeat the crime with horrible consequences.

In fact, your choice of profession may give you a second lease of life - so choose wisely. Choose something which will definitely not put you in situations where you are tempted to repeat the last mistakes, and/or do new similar ones. Having a criminal history is not really an issue unless it is perceived as a danger to the job you are being hired for. For best results, choose jobs which do not have bearing on your criminal record - and as clearly as possible, inform the employer right at beginning about this fact. Put it in your CV, but also be sure that you show that you have a changed a lot since the last time you were caught, and today, you are putting your best foot forward to start a new, responsible and productive life.

Unless your record is for something drastic such as murder or rape, most people are willing to give young people a second chance to start their lives. Your CV however, should clearly reflect this fact and should also take extra pains to match perfectly your own skills with the pre-requisite of the job.

It is not the end of the world if you have a record and want to apply for a job. You can always start your life again.