Proofread Your Resume

Are your preparing your first resume? If so, remember that it needs to be checked for grammatical errors, proof read and honed for the job you are applying for. Employers nowadays are literally flooded with thousands of CVs and Resumes from graduates.

The first obvious problems that will show will be your lack of attention to detail, your lack of writing skills and your poor language skills.

Be mindful of the spell checker. Do not just accept the first alternative that shows up as this can have a completely different meaning to what you intended. Just look at the following sentence: 'Wood ewe like to parse in the dessert?' Does it actually make any sense? No. But a spell checker would accept each word as being correct even though many are the wrong choice.

If you have a guidance or career counselor at your university, do not hesitate to contact him or her. Counselors can offer valuable and friendly advice.

'COVER LETTER: When providing childcare for clients, I fed the children and changed nappies.'
'QUALIFICATIONS: Computer literate and excellent experience in operating Windows.'
'PERSONAL: Former surfer turned receptionist.'
'PERSONAL: 6 feet. 4 inches tall.'
'EXPERIENCE: Only employee of a small distribution company.'
'COVER LETTER: I am very interested in the newspaper add for the accounting position.'
'EXPERIENCE: I'm a hard worker, etc.'
'LANGUAGES: Speak English and Spinach.'
'RESPONSIBILITIES: Helping people with their clothes, greeting people, ringing people out.'
'EXPERIENCE: I am a very capable proofreader.'

Discuss any doubts or difficulties on the job seekers advice forum.