Quick Impress Resume

Employers receive 100's of resumes in reply to job adverts. So how much time do you think an over worked HR officer or a busy business man, will dedicate to reading your resume?

10 Seconds

A few guidelines on how to convince your potential employer you are the ideal job candidate in 10 seconds:

  • Make sure the aspects of your career that qualify for this job are on top.
  • Keep a simple design - Visual appeal.
  • Bold style 3 or 4 key phrases in your resume to highlights your strengths
  • Your resume should fit on one page.
  • Keep it simple .
  • Choose wisely between a chronological or a functional resume.
    • This will impact the order of your resume sections.
  • No errors - proofread your resume and avoid common resume mistakes.
  • Include clear and up to date contact information.

Keep in mind that the reason you are sending your resume is to get an interview. Nothing else. So design your resume with this fact in mind.