Resume Advice for Licensed Vocational Nurse Jobs

Creating a solid resume is the first step toward acquiring one of many licensed vocational nurse jobs. A resume serves as a window into your previous work experience, leadership roles and educational background. By including all major components and a few minor highlights, your resume can become a well rounded document that shows off your strengths and sets you apart from the other applicants. First take a look at the sample resumes on Hospital Jobs Online in order to get an idea of what your resume should look like.

Format Is Key

Limit your resume for a licensed vocational nurse job to one page. The top of the page will contain your name, address and other contact information. Include a brief sentence below your contact information stating that your intentions are to acquire a position as a licensed vocational nurse. This sentence does not have to be specific to the job you are applying for. The first category will include your educational experience. In this section you will include the dates you attended each educational institution, as well as the title of the degree or certificate acquired. The next category in your resume will highlight all relevant work experience, starting with the most recent position. If you have no previous full-time work experience, it is acceptable to include part-time work that is relevant to the vocational nursing positions you are applying for. If there is enough space, the final two categories will consist of leadership positions and previous awards or scholarships.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Each former job on your resume should include a few words that describe the responsibilities you had and skills you acquired in that position. Because space is limited, a great way to highlight your experience is to use an action verb as the first word. For example, instead of saying, "During this position I provided bedside care for patients with critical needs," you should say, "Provided bedside care for patients with critical needs." You can choose which format of wording to use, as long as you use the same format throughout your entire resume.

Be Honest

Employers read your resume with the assumption that everything on it is fact. They assume you have acquired every skill and have learned from every experience on your resume. Failure to provide complete and honest information could result in you not being offered the job, or termination shortly after you acquire the position. While you are creating your resume, remember that the hospital, clinic or office that you are applying for work for will check each of the references and verify employment with all previous supervisors. 

Don't Forget about the Details

A strong resume will always have complete consistency throughout. The title of each category should be the same font and size, and each of the positions should be bulleted in the same manner. Thus you will create a standardized look. A resume that is free of all grammatical and format errors will show the employer that you are able to pay close attention to details.