Resume Mistakes

  • Employer & University Names. - Use the official University and Employer Name.
  • Websites - Listing inappropriate URL's such as your personal website.
  • Fonts - Using small fonts to save space.
  • Lying on your resume - Careful the risks are too high.
  • Sending your graduate resume - After some years of job experience your resume has to be re-written.
  • No cover letter - Not sending a cover letter with your resume.
  • Non-professional email address - Your student email address does not give that professional image required when applying for a job.
  • Resume Keywords - Not including keywords in your resume.
  • Not proof-reading your resume - Always proof read your resume before sending.
  • Industry jargon - Do not assume that whoever reads your resume will know all the industry jargon.
  • Resume Format Use the right format depending on the situation
    • HTML formatted resume
    • ASCII Text resume
    • Email formatted resume
  • Chronological - FunctionalChoose wisely between a Chronological resume and Functional Resume
  • Personal Information - Keep it limited to the contact details and name

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