Resume Objective Mistakes to Avoid

In order to compete in the job market, many job seekers are revising their resumes and trying to be careful to avoid resume objective mistakes. Some think that writing the objective statement is the hardest part of the resume process. A good objective can get the right kind of attention from hiring managers while a vague or poorly written objective can end up being ignored. When crafting your resume, make sure that you start off on the right foot by writing an effective career objective that will get you the desired results throughout your job search. Here are some resume objective mistakes to avoid when writing yours.

Avoid being too simple

Before drafting your resume objective, try to think of this from a potential hiring manager's perspective. Avoid using a resume objective that's too simplistic such as "To get a full time with a stable company". While that's probably what you are aiming for as far as a job, it's really too simple of a statement to use when applying for specific jobs. Try modifying the objective to read something more along the lines of "To secure full time employment in an established firm where I may experience long-term career advancement and become an important part of the team."

Avoid leaving out details

When writing the objective, make sure to include some of the inherent skills and talents that you will be bringing with you so that you add value to the company. Here's an example "Would like to work for a growing company that will allow me to utilize my five years of experience in customer service and technology to serve customers."

Avoid not stating your goal

An objective in a resume is much like stating a goal from the beginning. In other words, you want to clarify what you hope to achieve by taking a job with a specific type of employer. Avoid leaving off an actual goal when writing an objective for your resume. Something like "Would like to get a job as an administrative assistant where I can work full time". Instead try something more along the lines of "To secure employment as an administrative assistant while I attend college part-time to become an executive assistant for your company. "

Avoid Generics

One of the worst examples of resume objectives happens when someone is trying to make their resume work for many different types of jobs. While you may think this approach is efficient, it looks bad to hiring managers who will end up sending your resume into the garbage. The hallmark of the generic resume starts with a generic objective like "Looking for work where I can use my skills." It is important to list the type of work and  what specific skills you have for the job.

Avoid unrealistic resumes

Another resume objective mistake is using unrealistic resumes. When a new graduate with limited work experience tries to inflate their ego on paper, it seems unrealistic. Using an objective that sounds unrealistic is what identifies this type of candidate. When a resume objective like "To become a doctor in the next couple of years where I can save lives while holding down a full time career" does not sound realistic. Try keeping your objective statement realistic, like: "To work on completing my PhD while working full time in a related career in healthcare, improving the lives of other people."