Resume Privacy

As in our article on resume advertising, we strongly suggest you send your resume to the most reputable resume databases first as these will have the highest number of employers subscribed to their services.

This way you will be able to retain control of your resume which means you'll be able to remove it from the database whenever you wish. If you post your resume on twenty databases it will be far more difficult to ensure it's removed from all of them.

The privacy policy on the website you post your resume will affect how the resume is handled and to whom it might be distributed. Some resume databases reserve the right to sell your personal information to third parties. Always check this.

Resume blasting is when certain companies post and send your resume to thousands of resume databases and potential employers. This is never a good idea as you would have no control over where and to whom you resume is sent. Once a resume blast has been made, it's impossible to undo.

Limiting the number of contact details on your resume is another factor that can help you improve your privacy.

Create a specific email address for the individual job hunt. Include the job hunt email address as the only method of contact change the names of specific employers to generic employer descriptions

Resume databases sort on a number of variables including the posting date so it's worthwhile posting your resume once a month.

When you find a job, remove your resume from all databases. If your resume is still on certain databases, your new employer could find it and believe you are still looking for a job a situation that could lead to disaster.

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