Resume Re-writing

Your resume is a basic document from which you can build a resume that's honed to the specific position you're applying for. You cannot have one generic resume that you send to any employer and as a respond to all job adverts you see.

Helping the Employers Read your Resume.

Employers [doc] scan your resume in about 1 minute or less. If you are applying for a position as IT support personnel but have never had any direct experience, your resume has to be modified to bring out the skills used in other jobs that relate directly to support personnel. Do not mis-interpret this as lying in your resume. Lying on your resume is never a good idea.

A good technique to see your resume 'the way an employer does', is to hold out your resume at arms length and then open your eyes slightly. That way, you can see the things that 'jump out' of your resume'. Make sure these noticeable points address the requirements of the position you are applying for.

Skills that are not directly related to the position should be at the 'background'.

Be sure to consider both a chronological resume or a functional resume to get this effect.

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