Resume Soft Skills

Examples of soft skills that you could integrate in your resume:

  • problem solving
  • communication team player skills
  • conflict management
  • interpersonal skills
  • planning and organization
  • leadership and motivation skills
  • initiative

Employers are realizing how a candidate's soft skills can help them determine which potential employee should be offered the job. When you are short listed and there are two or three remaining candidates, your soft skills can give you that extra push that will win you the race.

Most job candidates do not emphasize their job skills nearly enough. Communication, team leadership and planning are all transferable skills and very useful to the candidates who are changing careers. Most job adverts specify 'soft skills' in their requirements.

When writing your resume for a specific job, include the soft skills required in the job description and design your other work accomplishments around them.

When marketing your soft skills, be sure to identify the specific soft skills the employer is requesting then build your resume around them. For example, when you begin describing your soft skills ask yourself questions like this, 'What are my specific problem solving skills? How do I use problem solving on the job? Why is problem solving important in my job?'