Resume software

Do you prefer hand made china or the mass produced kind? There is something about individual items that gives them an edge over mass produced products, isn't there? Most of the time, even the best resume software cannot replace the individual touch that a real person can give to a resume.

A resume program cannot read the job advert and tune the resume to the job requirements. Resume software cannot actually show that you increased newspaper readership by 15% once your ideas were implemented. It is better to use a professional resume writing service where you deal with real people, or even better, write it yourself. Sometimes, the writing style of a professional writer will give the impression that you are a much better writer than you really are, leading to expectations from the employer that you simply cannot meet.

Employers & recruiters receive thousands of resumes and they are used to seeing resumes created by programs. The candidate is immediately labelled as non- creative and dependent on templates, something that does not reflect well when it comes to attitude and work ethic. Keep your resume based on recent accomplishments related to the job you are applying for. Give real numbers and facts to back your claims.

Resume Software Overuses Resume action verbs and keywords. These words are important in your resume - they give the whole resume a 'do it' attitude. Your resume, needs a 'raison d'etre' so your interviewer can justify your employment. Creating the resume yourself gives you the advantage of knowing exactly what is in it. This may sound obvious but in your interview you need to expand and give more details about your previous jobs and achievements.

When creating your resume, you are your best resource!

Resume Software