Resume Spam filters

What is a Spam filter ?

Spam filter is software that decides if an email is a Spam email or a genuine email. Spam is email that is sent by people trying to sell all kinds of things. Without the authorisation of the recipients.

How will this affect you in your job hunt ?

If you apply for a job and send a CV or resume by email. This email has to pass through the spam filters, which can decide that your application is spam email.

You will never know that an email you sent was classified as Spam email. So All you do is follow these brief tips and contact the recipient of your email to check if the email has arrived safely. You could also send the resume via snail mail.

How can you avoid your resume to be classified as spam ?

In the Message Subject line
  • Avoid punctuation
  • Avoid the word free
  • Avoid all caps
In the Message Body
  • Avoid the usual subjects of spam mail which include pharmaceuticals , mortgages
  • Includes the text '4176'
  • Avoid HTML Format
  • Avoid Colour HTML Format
  • Do not send your resume as an attachment
  • Do not send your resume as a zipped attachment
  • Send your resume in text format
Avoid the phrases
  • list
  • removal unsubscribe
  • click here / now / below
  • million dollars
  • money back guarantee
  • while supplies last
  • while you sleep
  • compliance with Spam regulations or with US Senate Bill 1618 or House Bill
  • free
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