Resume Tips for Psychiatric Nurse Jobs

A good resume for a psychiatric nurse job should bring out the special skills, abilities, pertinent work experience and the extra qualifications that will make you the ideal candidate for the job offered. Along with details of academic credentials, specialty training and licences you possess, it should portray you in such a favourable light that you are called for a personal interview that can land you that dream job.

Resume Tips for Psychiatric Nurse Jobs:

Psychiatric nurses work with people of all ages with mental illness/distress on a daily basis evaluating their needs and charting treatment plans. Violent behaviour and emotional trauma need to be handled on a daily basis. Crisis intervention, counselling abilities, caring and compassionate nature, keeping cool under pressure are key skills needed.  Your resume should portray all this and more.

  • Organize all your information; both professional data and personal information.
  • Make it effective, concise, crisp, clearly written and pertinent to the post.
  • It should have your personal input, it should reflect you.

1. Your contact information is at top left. Give all relevant details like postal address, phone numbers and email id.

2. Give next your career objective reflecting your professional ambition. It should grab the attention of the reader.

3. Next your work history and experience will come.

  • Starting at the present job, work downwards to your first job.
  • Duration for which you have been working and your designation should be given.
  • The address and other details of your present organization.
  • Your overall responsibilities; give specific details like what are your responsibilities, what are your daily tasks like assisting the patients in bathing, dressing & grooming , feeding and other activities, administering medicines, perform other nursing care like enema, douches, wound dressing changes etc., helping in the rehabilitation activities and counselling etc.
  • Proceed in the same format until you describe your first job and try to give your work experience in various cases and various scenarios.
  • Give brief but all relevant tasks you have handled which will show that you are capable of handling all those responsibilities well.

4. Next give a list of skills that will make you look tailor-made for the job.

  • List your skills like reliability, dependability, adaptability, patience, communication skills, trustworthiness, ability to work under stress and be organized, paying attention to details, keen observation, motivating and creating a rapport with patients etc.

5. Next academic background must be given.

  • Education details, professional education & qualification, all licensing examinations to practice as psychiatric nurse – with all relevant details of colleges, institutions - all must be given.
  • Give details of your computer literacy.
  1. Give details of specialty training you have undergone like forensic, geriatric care etc.
  2. Give details of seminars, courses you have attended - names, where and when you attended.
  3. Give reference details - who gives the reference, his designation and where he works.

Jobsites like Hospitaljobsonline will give sample resumes and more tips to get you attend the interview and land the dream job. Follow these simple tips and get off to a good start in your job hunt.