Resume tips for Temporary Jobs

When applying for a job, whether it be a temporary job or a permanent job, one generally needs to send a Resume to the employer. Lot of job seekers think that preparing a resume for a temporary job is not as hard as preparing a resume for a permanent job. If you are one such, it is time to knock off that illusion. One is not easier than the other, each have their own concerns to be addressed.

When applying for temporary jobs, you have to think about certain issues that are very important. One of the basic issues is, convincing the employer that you are a quick learner as often it turns out to be, the agreement period for temporary jobs ends before you really settle with the job. So the learning curve in a temporary job is pretty steep and your resume should contain evidence that you will be able to handle the learning curve effectively and efficiently.

Here are some resume tips for temps:

  • Make yourself relevant: You make yourself relevant by using a targeted resume and knowing the employer's needs.
  • Organize yourTemping work experience Do not just list all your temping experience without putting any thought into it, thinking that it will impress the employer. On the contrary it might elicit negative response. Instead of listing your temping experiences in chronological order you can try to organize them in terms of similar or related experience.Use a Functional Resume to achieve this.
  • List employers not agencies: There is a great debate whether to include the name of the staffing agency or the employersfor whom you temped. However, it is more appealing to list employers rather than agencies. In the eyes of the employers what will bear weight is your experience and not who recommended you for the job.
  • Highlight your strengths
  • Do not lie
  • List your accomplishments: If you are not a first time temp and if you have some significant accomplishments then list all the accomplishments in your previous temping. This will add more value to your resume and also will speak for your personality. Your accomplishments in your past temping stand as proofs for your personal involvement in the job.
  • List your qualities:When you are applying for a temporary job, your resume should tell the employer that you will be a versatile resource and that you are a rapid learner. Highlight qualities such as flexibility and adaptability, also a person who is quick to unwind and easy on interpersonal relationships.
  • Include a Career objective
  • No extempore resumes: Do not prepare your resume in the last minute. Do not let the employer see that you have put no thought in preparing your resume. Employers will easily see through when it is not presented in a professional way.
  • Do not use borrowed resumes:Never borrow your friend's resume and fill in the blanks because it happened to be a successful resume. If you have ever done that and wondered why it did not work out for you ' it is just because it is not yours and it does not highlight your strengths but your friend's.

Remember, there is no short cut!