The Value of a Good Resume

The financial value of your resume is defined as the increased income that a well written resume can provide. This can also be measured in the time it takes for you to get a job - time is money and every day without a job is lost revenue. Without a properly crafted resume, it will have taken you far longer to land a job. Most job candidates never understand the true value of a well written resume. A good resume is one that will generate far more interest from interviews than an average resume ever would.

Careless job seekers that do not put enough time and energy into writing their resumes will experience the following:

  • More time out of a job leading to loss of income.
  • Stress due to rejections.
  • More time available to be looking for work.
  • Possibly loss of confidence in your resume.

These should be enough to motivate you to make more effort when creating a resume.

Realize that your resume is not the only tool in your job search. The cover letter and interview are equally important.

Express the same confidence during your interview as you express through your resume. A more confident job seeker will relax. Rejections will affect you less and employers will offer you higher salaries.