Why Make a Resume

Regardless of your experience, qualifications or intelligence, you'll still need to apply for jobs and pass through the selection procedure. To apply for jobs you need to write a resume. Luckily, resumes are free because you can write them yourself.

Your resume is made up of:

  • An accurate summary of your credentials
  • Education, achievements, job experience and goals
  • It should flow naturally and be easy to read
  • It should be based on a particular format:Chronological resume,Functional resume,Targeted resume orCombo resume

Depending on their personal circumstances, people have different reasons to write a resume. It's important you have a clear idea of why you are writing a resume before you start as this will help you choose the correct resume style.

You want to write your resume because:

  • You're applying or looking for a new job in the same industry / area.
  • You're applying or looking for a new job in a different industry / area.
  • You would like to group your experience / qualifications in one document.
  • You were asked to provide a copy of your resume.

A resume must contain accurate information. For this reason, it's a good idea to keep your resume updated after each major task, accomplishment or qualifications received. Keep up to date with all your job contracts, qualifications and job descriptions.

The following will help you to write your resume.

  • Contracts
  • Job Descriptions
  • Periodical Performance Reviews
  • Letters of Reference
  • Letters of Appreciation
  • Qualification Certificate's
  • Specialist Courses
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