Review of Video CV Site:

Bejant is a newer entry to the job seeker market. One thing that was immediately noticeable is the focus of the site being of use for grad students, college grads, interns, and employers looking for any of those categories listed above.

How Easy is Bejant to Use?

The site is relatively easy to use with most of the menu functions contained to the upper left box on each page. If you need to find help, or the FAQ pages, there is a link up top in that menu group. Basically anything you need can be accessed from those two menus. When you first sign up, you are given the option of posting a resume, professional summery, a head shot, and your video in quick succession and easily understandable screens.

Bejant is very useable for connecting social networks and employers to each other. Having the ability to create a profile, and then place the profile on sites such as Digg, Stumble, and Technorati helps link different networks together.

Can I Get A Job Using Bejant?

Your chances of getting noticed are somewhat improved via use of this site. With the possibility to link into social networks and other media, this site is a good tool for someone to set up their online professional profile for use within various networks. One item to note is that this site is geared more for people coming out of college or grad school and looking for internships or their first job. Most of the employers here seem to come from the IT, Communications and Technology fields. You can choose from either start-ups or giants in the industry.

How Flexible is Bejant?

Bejant is a relatively flexible site allowing you to create a profile and link it up to various other networks and public forums. Bejant allows up to 2 videos per profile with a 2 minute limit on each. In order to have more variations you would need another profile which would require a second email address. Videos can use .wmv, .mov, .avi, .mp4, and 3gp formats. You can place up to five photos of yourself within your profile. You can also apply to as many jobs or events as you need and there does not seem to be a limit as to the amount of messages you may receive here.

What About Fees or Limitations?

There are no fees for job seekers with Bejant, only for employers and universities for posting their profiles. The only limitations would be with the video and photo allowances as mentioned above.

What About Privacy and Use of My Profile?

Bejant uses normal Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions as allowed by law. There is a complaint service if you receive unsolicited communications for services other than employment. Bejant will contact you via email when your profile receives a hit from someone who wants to contact you or link to your profile. IP addresses and cookies are recorded, but you have the option to turn off cookies.

What are the Disadvantages to Bejant?

The only major disadvantage to this site would be its geographic limitations. Bejant appears to be more focused on the UK and the British Commonwealth; although there are some connections and employers from the US.

Final Words on Bejant

The site itself loads rather quickly, and doesn't seem to have any quirks or snags along the way. There are no ads, or 'welcome screens' to slow you down. You won't run into flash screens that you can not get around since any Java is contained to a small portion of the main page. This makes the site is rather easy to use in browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.

The information in this review is current as of June 2008.