Sample Business Consultant Resume

A business consultant resume has to be considered as a competitive exercise. Job applications are extremely competitive, particularly at the middle and higher levels. A business consultant's resume must show very professional strong credentials and skills. It's necessary to describe experience and achievements in detail to show a solid pattern of achievement in the industry. Business consultants are highly selective about use of materials on their resumes, picking specific cases to highlight major areas of achievement. 

Resume issues

The business consultant's resume is very important as a source of information for employers, because it's effectively a track record, describing achievements and areas of expertise. It's also a useful way of comparing applicants. Business consultants are specialists in their industries, and the levels of experience are particularly important in assessing candidates. 

In any professional resume, it's necessary to tailor the resume information to target the criteria of the position. This may involve a lot of rewriting of the basic resume, but it also guarantees that you improve your matches to the job requirements. Your information must:

  • Show direct relevance to the essential criteria of the position: Spell out your matching skills, using the same terminology to emphasize your points when providing information.
  • Include value based descriptions of your achievements: The "value" approach is particularly effective in demonstrating levels of achievement in quantifiable terms.
  • Clearly indicate the level of expertise required: This means providing information to show that your consultancy experience matches the requirements of the position. 

Important resume sections

The "executive format" for business consultancy resumes is very appropriate. This format allows applicants to provide plenty of detail in a very clear, structured way. The main areas of importance in a business consultant's resume are in the Objectives, Skills, and Employment history sections:

  • Objectives: This section requires a statement of your professional goals which acts as a definition of your reasons for applying for the job. It's a particularly important section, because business consultancies need highly motivated professionals. 
  • Skills: Your types of skill are directly relevant to your value to the employer.
  • Employment history: This section allows you to detail your achievements, and make a strong marketing pitch for the position. 


The position is a senior consultancy for an employer whose client base is retailers. The applicant is a true expert with a lot of experience in this area and several notable achievements. The applicant is so clearly qualified for the position that it would be almost impossible not to get an interview. The applicant's resume is tailored to the position:

Objectives: To attain a senior business consultancy position. 


  • Business management
  • Business administration
  • Business planning
  • Marketing
  • Accountancy
  • Cost analysis
  • Occupational Health and Safety management

Employment history

Current position: Business consultant for XYZ Consultants, Inc. 

Key roles: Responsible for provision of full service consultancies for clients in the retail sector, including:

  • Business management 
  • Business strategy development
  • Business planning
  • Workforce structuring
  • Workplace efficiency studies
  • Creation and implementation of performance standards
  • Cost analyses of client business processes 


  1. Created a complete new business model for HIJ Outlets chain, resulting in an increase in profit of $3 million in the subsequent year.
  2. Restructuring of MNO Fashion with a 90% increase in operating profit.