Sample Esthetician Resume

Esthetician resumes require work in order to properly cover your skills and experience. If you specialize in a particular area of esthetics, you may need to rewrite the resume differently to target the jobs you want. Because the job of an esthetician includes both specialties and specific expertise, you need to spell out your work history, training and skills to target a new job effectively.


These are the areas where your resume has to work for you. If you apply for a job at an advanced clinic with a resume showing only a basic qualification and general work, you're devaluing your own skills. Your application can only stand out if you expand your information. In this line of business, major credentials include:

  • Qualifications
  • Specific skills and experience
  • Quality of employment
  • Indications of levels of expertise

Structuring your resume

Go through the essential job criteria. Match each of the criteria to your resume as far as possible. This allows the screening interviewer to read your resume in context with the job requirements. There are a few things you can do to make your resume a lot more effective in targeting jobs:

  1. Add detail on the resume highlighting matches with the requirements of the job. These can be specific skills, particular jobs or the types of work involved which directly relate to the job application.
  2. Emphasize particular areas of specialty and expertise. This acts as a quality reference in skills where you have good strengths.    

Tips for editing resume materials

It helps in a competitive business like esthetics to research and understand the employer's product and image. Many employers go for a certain style or market, and it's in your interest to ensure that you and your resume will be able to mesh with the job environment. It also helps you frame your resume in context with the employer's business. 


"Max G" is a boutique esthetic clinic. The open position here involves strong skin care skills and the clinic works with peels, mud and herbal packs. This is the big name local salon, catering to the leading lights of the local media. In order to write your resume, list the following information.


  • Skin care
  • Mud packs
  • Herbal cosmetics
  • Micro-dermabrasion
  • Skin peels
  • Pore cleansing

Work history

Jean Jane Jones Beauty (current position)

  • Skin care cosmetician, responsible for advanced skin care treatments.
  • Responsibilities include supervision of trainees and consultations.
  • Highlights: Cosmetic consultant for film cast and television clients.

Be sure to match your specific job skills to the necessary job skills posters and requirements.  List as many things as you can think of, even if they include future opportunities or endeavors.