Sample Insurance Underwriter Resume

An Insurance Underwriter (IU) is a person who reviews the requests of individual insurance coverage, addresses and assesses the risks involved when insurance coverage is requested. An insurance underwriter resume is displayed further down on this page. IUs generally arrive calculate the premiums and additional charges and many of underwriters specialize in any one of the insurance sectors, such as: commercial IUs, property and casualty underwriters which concentrates on insuring businesses or organizations against damages or injuries to people or life insurance underwriters. A sample resume for the IU is as follows:

Emily Anderson

35, East V Street, Carlisle, MA - 58965

Home: 000-123-1234, Cell: 000-123-2345

Email: add email here, Website: add website here

Career Goal: To become a successful and expedient Insurance Underwriter.

Career Summary: I have over 4 years of performing at a high echelon in this risky and unpredictable field of insurance underwriting and document analysis.

Summary of Skills:

  • Excellent communication abilities and full of tact.
  • Critical thinking and logical analyzing skills and acumen.
  • High proficiency in analytical, statistical and mathematical evaluations.
  • Self-motivated, with supreme and loyal dedication
  • Astonishing team working and building skills.
  • Fantastic interpersonal and presentational sagacity.
  • Vast knowledge of insurance plans and the crucial federal regulations.

Work Experience

Harry & Edward Life & Auto Insurance, Modesto, Florida (2008– Present)

            Designation: Insurance Underwriter


  • Manage the underwriter’s team in my branch.
  • Analyze the data in the insurance application forms and determine the credit worthiness of the applicant in complex and intriguing cases.
  • Consult and work with the state insurance laws and regulations and/or legislation.
  • Refer to our head office in the underwriting department for any clarifications or changes in the insurance underwriting coinciding with company policy.
  • Facilitating the training of the junior underwriters about the insurance underwriting policies and strategies to improve product quality on our team.
  • Design and shape the underwriting manuals for the other junior team members.
  • Evaluate the financial position of the company and attend all audit meetings.
  • Plan, depict, and format the training programs for the insurance agents while introducing the new plans or modifications made in an existing and presiding policy.
  • Manage the queries or lawsuits filed against any insurance claims.

Ableman Insurance & Financial Services Inc., Carlisle, MA. (1998 – 2005)

Designation: Trainee – Insurance Underwriter


  • Assisted the senior underwriters by collecting information about the applicants and evaluated them based on the standard underwriting strategies and scope.
  • Documented, scrutinized and applied the underwriting policies to the best of my abilities. Calculated the risk involved as per my company’s code rules and submitted the report to management.
  • Helped the department marketing aptitude and endowment by working with other agents.
  • Managed the alteration in documentation for any mid-term changes of existing insurance policies.
  • Aided in the expediency of all written or verbal communication with the insurance agents.

Educational Profile

  • Master’s degree in Finance, University of North Birmingham, AL. (June 1998)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, University of North Birmingham, AL.  (May 1996)

Computer Skills

  • Substantial working knowledge of most Microsoft Office products and different versions of the operating systems like Windows 9x, 2000, XP and Vista.

Fluent in:

            English, Greek and French

Professional Association

An active and devoted member in the “American Association of Insurance Professionals” which is an organization that has provided me with quality information about this craft.