Sample Mortgage Broker Resume

A Mortgage Broker (MB) is a person who matches prospective clients with mortgage loan products offered by a mortgage money lenders and other private companies. Commercial mortgage brokers with a mortgage broker license are on a higher pedestal than others without the license. A MB also helps clients in selecting a suitable mortgage loan at an acceptable rate. A sample resume for the mortgage broker is as follows:

Richard Smith

3558 West Street, Atlanta, Georgia  85471

Home: 369-123-1234; Cell: 618-123-2345

Email: add website here or add email address here

Career Goal: To be recognized as a superb Mortgage Broker by my customers.

Career Summary: Exceeded 12 years of constructive experience managing a successful real estate mortgage financing business while providing the best business and most favorable rates.

Summary of Skills and Achievements:

  • A commendable track of sales goal accolades and received wonderful customer feedback and response which only generated more referrals.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the regulated and non-regulated mortgage products.
  • High proficiency in the legislative & selling rules and other federal regulations coinciding with mortgages.
  • Excellent team working and building capabilities.
  • Sharp interpersonal and presentation skills linked with astonishing listening discernment.
  • Excellent negotiation and persuasion guile.
  • Vast knowledge of the insurance plans for mortgage protection.

Work Experience

Channel Mortgage Inc., Sacramento, CA. (2005 – Present)

            Designation: Mortgage Broker


  • Maintained semblance with the new and different mortgage products available in the market.
  • Dexterous with comparative analysis; part of my day was spent comparing the products of other companies and preparing a presentation highlighting the advantages of our products compared to theirs.
  • Identifying customer needs and professionally providing suggestions to the product development team about their grievances.
  • Cementing the relationship with existing customers to contribute to my referral base.
  • Fomenting the relationship with the other branch colleagues and all contact channels in order to achieve the set sales goal.
  • Proposing the appropriate plans to the customers after carefully analyzing their needs and financial liabilities and status.
  • Interviewing the prospective customers and find a suitable product for them after assessing their ability of repayment and what they are comfortable with.
  • Accurate completion of the mortgage related documentation in compliance with the lending policies and procedures of my company.

KMK Finance Services Inc., Carlisle, MA. (1998 – 2005)

Designation: Junior Mortgage Loan Development Officer


  • Developed and fostered my customer base through my own contacts and hard work or through the affiliate agencies of KMK.
  • Promoted the quality mortgage products that KMK offered.
  • Identified the needs of customers and planned the sales opportunities based on them.
  • Interviewed the pre-qualified and possible clients and listened to their doubts and hesitancy regarding the mortgage loans and repayment plans.
  • Recommended the suitable mortgage loan product to the customers depending on their need and wishes and guided them along until we reached a suitable product customized for them.

Career Awards

  • Awarded as the Best Mortgage Broker of the Year for the last two consecutive years (2007 & 2008) by the Channel Mortgage Inc.

Educational Profile

  • Earned Bachelor’s Degree in Economics in 1997; Univ. of Phoenix

Other Languages Known

            Fluent in Spanish