Senior Consultant

   Example Europass Curriculum Vitae
Personal information   
First name(s) / Surname(s)  Andhra Pradesh
Address(es)  Plot # 6A&B, IT Park
RR District, Hyderabad
Telephone(s)  Home: (91) 40 5555 7500 Mobile: (91) 40 5555 1234
Fax(es)  (91) 40 5555 7811
Nationality  Pakistani
Work experience   
Dates  January 2000 - present
Occupation or position held  Junior Consultant
Main activities and responsibilities  Leading the sourcing, designing, and implementing of programs on a company wide basis in the areas of organizational effectiveness, competency development, organizational surveys, succession, and facilitation, as well as performance management initiatives. Responsible for researching and implementing effective tools connected to performance management processes.
Name and address of employer  PharmaNet Clinical 1101 Millenia Bangalore 560 008, India
Type of business or sector  Consulting / Management
Dates  July 1995 - January 2000
Occupation or position held  Entry Level Consultant
Main activities and responsibilities  Was responsible for the development of all competency models and all competency-based performance tools. Was also responsible for taking imitative at seeking clarification on scope of purpose, priority, and time urgency of any ongoing responsibility or special assignment. Responsible for the recruitment of internal candidates for facilitators and the determining and coordinating of internal facilitation certification process as needed. Also responsible for obtaining certification and/or facilitating these programs as needed.
Name and address of employer   C.E.B. Management Consultants
Type of business or sector  Consulting / Business Operations and Management
Education and training   
Dates  September 1993 - June 1995
Title of qualification awarded  Master's Degree Management Consulting
Principal subjects / occupational skills covered  Principle studies included: Business Management, Corporate Financial Analysis, and Marketing Strategy and Development. Master's Thesis done on Alternative Economics for the 21st Century. One semester internship at Morgan Stanley Financial Consulting of New Delhi.
Name and type of organisation providing education and training  University of Ragdalesh Business College, New Delhi Campus
Dates  September 1989 - June 1993
Title of qualification awarded  Bachelor's Degree in Business Management with an emphasis on Consulting
Principal subjects / occupational skills covered  Principle studies included: Accounting, business communications and management, economics, and finance management. Secondary studies included world history, American literature, music, psychology, and social studies.
Name and type of organisation providing education and training  University of Karachi
Personal skills and competences   
Mother tongue(s)  Urdu
Other language(s)   
Self-assessment  UnderstandingSpeakingWriting 
European level  ListeningReadingSpoken interactionSpoken production  
English  C1Proficient UserC1Proficient UserC1Proficient UserC1Proficient UserC1Proficient User 
French  A2Basic UserA2Basic UserA2Basic UserA2Basic UserA2Basic User 
Social skills and competences  Capable of performing excellent customer service skills that continually benefit our clients on a continual basis. Preserving client confidentiality is the highest priority in my business practices. I posses an above-average ability and willingness to move with purpose and have a strong sense of urgency when addressing these issues. I also possess strong teamwork and collaborative skills.
Organisational skills and competences  Excellent project management, design, delivery, and consulting skills. Ability to focus on strategic goals, while satisfying the tactical needs of the client and the organization. I also posses a strong ability to influence without direct authority and thrive in a fase-paced, ambiguous, and dynamic environment. I am capable of partnering and influencing work effectively with executive management. I also posses superb executive coaching and facilitation skills.
Computer skills and competences  Advanced proficiency with the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook Express, PowerPoint, and Access). Intermediate proficiency levels in Lotus, Notepad, and WordPerfect. Typing speed of 60 WPM. Thorough knowledge of advanced database concepts.
Artistic skills and competences  Ballet, painting, and sculpture.
Other skills and competences  Extremely knowledgeable of markets, trends, and creative programs related to learning, training, and initiatives in this industry. Ability to motivate and instruct the adult learner. Knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures within the training field. Experience in computer-based training, PC application training, and management development training.
Driving licence(s)  Group A, B, and BE
Additional information  References available upon request.