Site Review of Video Resume

GoCVOne is a video CV and resume software site with side benefits. While it is not a job search board and there are no employer listings as with other sites, it does provide access to a personalized page for reference purposes. The Web Version allows creation and publication of a video resume in real time with easy instructions and a preview pane for viewing. The full version is a software download.

How Easy is CVOne to Use?

This is a software and web address site. The software seems easy to use and you are given a URL to send people for your video. If you choose to use the downloadable version, you can create and edit the video at your convenience. There are templates which you can purchase to personalize your video CV if you wish.

Can I Get a Job Using CVOne?

This is a software and web address site. The software seems easy to use and you are given a URL to send people for your video. While this site is mainly a software application, it can reasonably help you create a professional image and a link for others to find you quickly, but this would be best placed with an extensive networking strategy.

How Flexible is CVOne?

Flexibility seems limited in the ways you can use this software. While it does allow you to create and edit your video at your own pace, there is only the option of placing a URL given you from this site (along the line of on your resume or sending that via email to prospects. You can embed files such as resumes and attachments. The site recommends use of either MS Word or Adobe PDF formats.

What About Fees or Limitations?

The software and the online address or a CD version costs . If you want to upload a video right from the computer it is . This appears to be a one time charge. This software also seems limited to use on GoCVOne.

What About Privacy?

The site uses a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service which is common on most sites where you must log on or provide personal information. The site does provide security and firewall protection against harvester bots and others seeking illegal access.

What Disadvantages Are There With CVOne?

This is basically a video resume and CV creation tool. It does not providejob seeking assistance. This is a retail site offering software and templates for creating a video CV or video resume. If you have no means of networking, than this software would be of limited use.

Final Words

CVOne is a good tool to putting a professional face to your resume or CV. This is a software retail site for CVOne. If you like creating your own video and having the ability to place it anywhere, this may work for you. This is also a good tool for anyone who wishes to send video through email or other means outside of job boards.

  • Many professions use this tool including flight attendants, journalists, marketing personnel, broadcast media, hotel and casino personnel, and even nursing. There are even students and researchers who wish to stand out when applying for grants and scholarships.

The information in this review is current as of June 2008.