Site Review

As of June 2008 this site seems very new. Parts of Resume Tube appear to be unfinished or have mostly examples for viewing. There are a few Video CV's at this site, as well as five possible employers and a few schools. It is unclear if this site has a track record of success.

How Easy is Resume Tube to Use?

The functionality of Resume Tube is rather hard to gauge because of its limited nature. From what was seen, the site seems easy enough to use for what there was available.

Can I Get a Job Using Resume Tube?

Resume Tube seems to be in mid-development. It is most definitely a new start-up; and as such at this time, finding a job using Resume Tube could be less likely than other sites.

How Flexible is Resume Tube?

Once you upload your video to Resume Tube, they provide HTML to paste into whatever site you wish to post it on, like MySpace or Facebook. There is what may be an employer and employee search database eventually, but for now there only appears to be five schools and many test videos and samples on this site.

What About Fees or Limitations?

There is a free trial of 60 days to test out this site. It allows 200MB of upload space for the video and 400MB bandwidth use per month, which isn't much. For /month you can have 512 MB of video upload space and 3.91GB of bandwidth to use. If you think you would use more then there is the /year membership which gives the user 19.63GB of upload space and 5.86GB of bandwidth a month. There is a maximum upload of 501 videos allowed to upload. There is no explanation as to how these numbers were figured, or what anyone would do with up to 501 videos.

What About Privacy and Use of My Profile?

From the research we conducted, there is no evidence of a Privacy Policy or Terms of Use anywhere on this site.

What are the Disadvantages to Resume Tube?

With Resume Tube appearing to be so new, it may not be the best choice for someone looking for immediate success in the job market. It would be a good place for a secondary placement of a job profile or if you are aiming towards one of the schools listed on this site.

Final Words on Resume Tube

If you are looking for immediate aid in gaining employment, you need an established video site - this isn't one of them. If you are looking for a place as a secondary site, or alternate site then this would be a better choice for that. This site still needs some work with finishing touches and is completely unproven from first viewing.

The information in this review is current as of June 2008.