Text Format Resume

Several online recruitment websites have forms that allow you to build your resume automatically. Resume experts do not recommend the use of this type of service.

Why Not?:
  • You cannot use a spell checker.
  • Your cannot choose your resume style.
  • You cannot review it easily.
  • It's time consuming to do this for every job recruitment site.

As an alternative to using their 'piece by piece' resume forms, career websites generally allow you to enter your resume in text format. This is where you'll find it handy to have such a format at hand.

To create a text only resume, open your document editor (example : Microsoft Word).
1) Click on the file menu,
2) Choose the save as type option and
3) Choose the plain text version.
After you have created the initial draft of your text resume, open notepad and edit your text resume.

Text Resume Tips :
  • Use capital letters instead of bold fonts.
  • Use the * symbol instead of bullet points.
  • Avoid using curly brackets - use single or double quotes instead.
  • Omit all hard returns. This has to be done throughout your entire CV or Resume. Do not use hard returns in the middle of a paragraph. This means do not press the enter key unless you have finished typing the paragraph. To help you with you this, choose the menu format and the option 'word wrap'.
  • Send the resume by email to yourself before sending it to a potential employer. That way you can see how the email software will display it and you'll have the chance to improve any mistakes.

ASCII text Resume