Tips for Improving Your Trader CV

A good trader CV is a trader's passport to a better job. Securities and stock trading is a ferociously competitive career area and these jobs can generate very high salaries. Every higher position in the trading world is subject to intense competition from the best people in the business at that level. Job mobility is one of the keys to success in this industry, and traders work hard to get their CVs looking good. For that reason, CVs receive a lot of scrutiny from employers. The information required can be both technical and quantitative. A trader may need to prove expertise in areas of trading, types of investment, stock analysis or other situations related to a position.

Issues with trader CVs

If you're a trader, you need to know the current benchmarks of the industry as well as you know your job. The parameters for being competitive when applying for trader jobs move higher on a regular basis. What was once a great day trader performance may now be uncompetitive.

When creating your CV, you will need to:

  • Research the employer's business, trading history and volumes: There will be information about outstanding performances, sales figures, and a good overview of the trading performance. You can judge whether your own performance matches the needs of the employer.
  • Define your own strongest points in terms of the job: For example, if you're looking for a job in funds management, and the trader position relates to returns on acquisitions, you'll need to be able to show very good performance figures. This is where you can quantify your achievements competitively on your CV very effectively to prove your abilities.

This is the hard part of creating a good, competitive, trader CV. The selection process is very much based on quantified statements, as well as the basic CV information. A trader's CV is like an executive CV because you need to both meet essential criteria and show competitive levels of achievement.

An Example

The following is an example of a CV that lists both positions and achievements:

Position: Senior Equity trader, ABC Investments Inc. (Current position)


  • Purchase and sale of blue chip securities on the NYSE on a targeted daily return per capital volume basis.
  • Ensuring compliance with company investment programs.
  • Responsible for investment transactions data quality and accuracy
  • Supervision of six day traders.
  • Management of section daily accounts.

Achievements: Exceeded investment program requirements for monthly returns by 23% six times in 2 year current contract. Excess profit above targets reported on annual return as $46 million. Awarded Trader of the Year by ABC, Inc. as the General Manager.