Tips for Writing Your Security Guard Resume

If you are in the job market for the position of a security guard, then having a well-worded, neatly presented security guard resume is critically important to succeed. Before sending your resume, it is necessary for you to understand the job profile of a security guard to enable you appropriately impress on the prospective employer your suitability to the position sought.

1. Security Guard Job Profile

The duties of a security guard, though broadly the same, may marginally differ from employer to employer. The basic duty of a security guard is to provide protection of property, valuables and other assets of his employer. Security guards must be ever vigilant and constantly observe patrolling the surroundings, at times with the aid of alarm systems and close circuit cameras. To discharge his duties efficiently, the security guard must be physically active, mentally alert and be willing to work unmindful of the clock.

2. Resume Outline

The security guard resume should sequentially contain: 

  • Name, age and date of birth
  • Mailing address and other contact particulars
  • Background, brief personal details, marital status
  • Summary of educational qualifications
  • Details of extra-curricular activities
  • Particulars of any special courses and certificates obtained
  • Work experience and service record in chronological order
  • 1 or 2 references

3. Resume Particulars

Under each of the above sub-headings, you must be as informative as possible and highlight any specific achievements that may better qualify you for the position.

For instance, physical fitness is of paramount importance for the position of a security guard and as such, you should write about your achievements in sports, participation in or other voluntary military or law enforcement services, in the extra curricular column.

As personal integrity is a quality very much sought from a security guard, it is advisable you mention the names and contact information of persons whom you happen to know well. Sometimes, it is preferable to furnish as a reference your past employer who is most competent to speak about your capabilities.

It is preferable that your resume is accompanied by photocopies of your certificates and other letters of appreciation,

4. Cover Letter

The most neglected and yet critically important component of a resume is the cover letter. The cover letter must be succinct and must summarily impress upon the employer that you are the candidate he/she is looking for. Perfectly written cover letters are the ones that will tempt the prospective employers to read your resume and send out a call letter.

Many seasoned professionals admit that in many cases, it is the simple cover letter and not the detailed resume that is more responsible for obtaining the job interview. When drafting a cover letter, highlight all the most relevant information that will qualify you for the job. But bear in mind that the cover letter is not far too elaborate and becomes a replication of your resume.

5. Conclusion

There are sample letters and templates for security guard resumes available on the Internet and other information on sites like RealPolice, which can be of great help. But make it a point not to blindly copy them as your resume will then lack uniqueness and individuality.